Half a million and a car offered for the cat. The master refuses to sell it


The name of this cat is Lyova, she is very intelligent and knows how to carry out the orders given to her, she knows how to train. This cat had sisters and brothers, but its ruthless owner strangled the other two, leaving only The most beautiful.

The frightened and confused cat ran away from that house, saving her only cub.

They first lived on the streets and then in the shelter. A nearby soldier fed them. After completing his service, he took the cat to Kaliningrad to give it to his grandfather, Peter Petrovich.

From then on, the cat and the grandfather became friends and were together all day. The grandfather was a former soldier and he trained the cat.

Everyone admired the cat’s abilities.

Around Lyova’s neck, we can see the necklace of the late wife of Peter Petrovich. Before his death, his wife had requested that the jewelry be given to the cat. Peter Petrovich also granted the woman’s wish.

Peter Petrovich considers Lyova his own child and does not even agree to sell her.

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