Someone threw the puppies into a well, and a venomous but extremely friendly cobra helped them.


These little dogs were in the well. Here he was in the same area with a venomous animal. Someone had thrown them into the hole, and thanks to this cobra, they were fine because the worm had protected them.

One day, a few ghosts suddenly noticed the dogs in the pit with the snake. They were scared when they saw the snake, but in reality it did not intend to scare or hurt the dogs.

For two days, the snake kept the cubs to avoid dangerous places in the well.

When people started helping the dogs, the snake left them and left. But before leaving, he saw that the dog had come out safe and sound, and then he left.

As we can see in this situation, even venomous snakes are sometimes much nicer than humans.

After that, the dogs found good and loving families.

From this story, we can conclude that even the most horrible creatures can do incredible things.

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