The magnifying glass came to ask for food and the forester took pity on her: Two months later, three wolves came to the village


One day the forester Stepan heard voices and when he came out he saw a wolf in front of the hut.

He brought meat for the wolf because it was winter and the animals were struggling to find something to eat.

Animals hunt in their territory, only appearing to humans when they are hungry.

The wolf began to come often to the forester. The other locals didn’t want to see any wild animals there and started complaining. But the forester did not listen to them and continued to feed the animals.

He knew that if the animals were hungry, they would be more dangerous for the village.

After a while, the wolf stopped coming, which made the locals happy, but Stepan was sad. He was already used to receiving such guests.

Two months later, the wolf returned, but this time there were two young wolves with him. Stepan realized that the wolf fed the young cubs with its meat. And now he had come to say goodbye to the forester.

Since then no wolves have been seen in the area.

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