Cute Bulldog Pup Wanted A Seat On The Couch, And Throws A Temper Tantrum With Dad


When it comes to temper tantrums, Bulldog puppies often have the sassiest attitudes! In this video, we see little Greta, a tiny Bulldog puppy, trying to get her way with Dad through a feisty argument!

It seems like Greta is very angry about something. She prowls around Dad’s feet like an angry munchkin, clearly disappointed at being denied a spot on the couch. Dad’s teasing remarks are hardly helping, and the enraged Greta decides to pick a fight with Dad!

Greta throws a spectacular hissy fit, as she growls and barks around the carpet. The tiny baby is knocked off her feet every time she hops and puffs with angry barks. However, her attempts to be fierce fail hilariously, as only innocent squeaks come out of her mouth!

But Greta is unperturbed. She stands up to Dad by raising her front legs, so Dad finally lets her up on the couch. And suddenly, all the provoked anger is up in the air, as Greta stops being grumpy, and waddles around the couch in delight! Our hearts just exploded with this cuteness overload!

Click the video below to watch the tiny but fierce Greta act tough, and squabble adorably with Dad!

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