This is Heaven, who after being rescued captured the hearts of all the staff, bringing them joy and happiness


Heaven is the hero of our story.

This dog was very scared when he was rescued and he always avoided people, even scared of voices, until he met the best family he could ever have.

Jackie Ruckers came to adopt him and after a while they decided to tell the story of this wonderful dog’s transformation.

Home Depot is a wonderful place that has many interesting things for dogs.

Heaven performed so well during his visits to the Home Office that she even received her own apron as a gift.

He walks there as if is the owner of the area.

Heaven’s is known to all the employees of the store, they know his name, as well as his picture is clearly posted in the break area.

Heaven loves to meet new people and to get acquainted with them.

He loves to be in the center of attention and to make others happy.

Heaven can warm people’s hearts and make them smile.

His parents are simply amazed to see how their beloved dog has changed. This is the most enjoyable part of the adoption process.

The terrified and depressed dog turned into a happy and lively creature. Everyone just adores him.

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