A service dog managed to get his master a place in university, so much so that the university awarded him his own degree.


An American university has awarded a degree to an unusual student: a golden retriever.
The dog received a mastery at the same time as his master.Few people know that the dog had to work hard to graduate.

American student Brittany Hawley graduated from Clarkson University in New York. Today, Brittany is studying for a master’s degree in occupational therapy.In other words, the girl specializes in restoring lost motor skills. But Hawley wasn’t the only one to graduate.

At his side, the certificate was presented to his four-year-old golden retriever, Griffin.
The photo of the good boy ended up on Reddit, where she received more than 30,000 likes and dozens of enthusiastic comments.

But behind the comforting images of the dog lies a long history that makes us realize that dogs are truly man’s best friend. The dog’s owner was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome at the age of 16.
Due to the illness, Brittany suffers from severe and constant pain and has to move around in a wheelchair.

A few years ago, she received Griffin from paws4people, a company that provides people with specially trained dogs to help them in their daily lives. A few years ago, the dear four-legged friend was given an important mission: to accompany Brittany to New York to study at Clarkson University.

When the girl needed Griffin’s help with her studies, the retriever began to accompany her to class.
According to the school’s report, the two men attended conferences, seminars, worked together on projects, etc.When Brittany trained at a special military base in North Carolina, the dog was also by her side.

Together with its owner, it has contributed to the rehabilitation of soldiers suffering from musculoskeletal and mental disorders.

All these achievements led the representatives of the training institution to approve the presentation of his graduation to Griffin.

«The Board of Directors has determined that Griffin has demonstrated exceptional effort, ongoing dedication and conscientious devotion to ensuring the well-being of its owner, Brittany, and her academic success,» the college said in a statement.

Brittany will work as an occupational therapist with military veterans and retired military personnel.
At the same time, Griffin will also support the girl in her activities.

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