Dog «skin and bones», thrown out of the shelter, has found its home forever


It can be unbelievable how badly some people can treat animals.
Fortunately, there are people in the world who want to take care of these dogs and give them a second chance.

This was the case with an abandoned dog who, after being rescued, embarked on a journey of recovery and has now found a new home. The dog was left overnight in the cold until it was found the next morning. Animal control officers found the dog in a heart condition.

Even for people who work professionally with rescue animals, this was a particularly shocking case.
But instead of despairing, they set to work to save the dog’s life. The director of the shelter warmed the dog in their car as they rushed to the hospital, where veterinarians were providing emergency care.

«His temperature was very low and his blood pressure was not strong enough to put a syringe»
«They warmed him, started giving him fluids, and we prayed that his body would be able to return.»

No one was sure the dog would survive. However, they said that the poor dog was alive and well, and thanked the followers for their support.
Let’s hope that the former owner who left the dog will be found and held accountable.

Now the dog has found his eternal home.
The dog is «wonderful», returning 55% of its original weight. His white blood cell count also returned to normal.

The dog’s health had improved so much that they knew it was time to adopt him. They were looking for a family that could continue to care for him.

On March 5, they announced that after weeks of thorough treatment, «thousands of dollars in veterinary care,» the dog had finally found a happy ending, being adopted by a new sweet family.

We are confident that her new family will give her all the love and care she needs as she continues on her path to full recovery, and will let her know that she is finally in good hands after enduring so much cruelty.

The organization once again thanked everyone for their support, «for healing prayers and best wishes from all over the country,» acknowledging what a wonderful miracle this dog’s story was.

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