Pregnant cow desperate to save baby, jumps off truck on way to slaughterhouse


Brianna, the cow, was heavily pregnant when she was packed along with the other cows in a truck headed to the slaughterhouse, writes valuablestories

She knew that the slaughterhouse would mean “game over” for her and her baby, so she literally took a leap of faith and jumped off of the moving truck in the middle of the busy freeway.

Brianna runs clumsily through the traffic, looking for help. When the police are in contact with her, she is frightened by the light and the commotion and refuses to cooperate. Later some hunting animals and a run to the Skylands Animal Sanctuary Rescue.

Initially, nobody was aware of Brianna’s pregnancy. When the vet at the sanctuary found out about it, he got worried about the health of the baby. Brianna had sustained many injuries during her jump from the truck and the traffic chase, and it was very likely that there could be complications during birth.

To the vet’s relief, Brianna went into labor 2 days after her rescue and gave birth to a healthy female calf named Winter! The sanctuary calls Winter’s birth a miracle, and promises that she would never be separated from her mother.

We are in awe of Brianna’s fierce motherly spirit and her drive to protect her baby against all odds. We wish them a long and happy life!

Click the video below to watch how Brianna escaped her fate and struggled for help in the traffic!

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