Exhausted & Diseased Dog Tried To Rest, Fought To Stand Back Up But Couldn’t


This precious dog was abandoned by her owner when she got sick. She had a treatable case of Demodex mange, writes ilovemydogsomuch

But instead of taking her to the vet and getting the proper medication, she was dumped onto the streets as if her life meant nothing. Her mange worsened as she struggled on her own.

Food is scarce and the dog had to use all her energy to find what she could. Her mange was so severe that she developed secondary skin infections.

Her skin was incredibly painful. She had sores everywhere and all her fur fell out. She was also emaciated. By the time the dog was found, she was so exhausted that she couldn’t even stand up for long.
Avan North Animals heard about the dog and tried to help her. But she was smart and evaded capture time and time again.

Finally, a couple living in Iran saw the dog walking on the street and reached out to the rescue group. They wanted to help the dog they fondly named Nora. They said if the rescue group helped save Nora, they would give her a forever home.

With determination, Nora was finally captured and taken to the vet. Her skin had hardened like stone. The vet, nearly in tears, explained that Nora had the worst case of mange he had ever seen. She was also malnourished and suffered from scabies.

Once Nora was safe with the rescue group, and medical team, it was time to work on her mange. They gave her antibiotics and pain meds. But most importantly, they had to give her daily medicated baths.

The treatment allowed for her skin to soften up and the hard scales, that resembled potato chips, eventually fell off. Her skin was raw beneath but it would heal quickly.

Nora was covered in blankets as she slept. This way she kept nice and warm. During the day, she wore special shirts to protect her raw skin from the sun until her fur grew back. Amazingly, with proper medication and a good diet, Nora improved quickly!

Nora’s new parents brought her into their home when she was medically cleared. What Nora looks like now compared to before is an absolute miracle. You won’t believe it! Every life is precious and worth saving. We are so happy for Nora and her new family!

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