Stray Dog Finds And Protects Blind Elderly Woman By The River


Dogs are some of the most incredible creatures on the planet, writes kohajone

They’re smart, they’re loving, they’re silly, and they’re extremely loyal and protective of those that they care about. Two dogs in Nepal took their job as protectors to the next level. Photos revolving around the internet showing these two dogs guarding a defenseless woman.

On March 3, 2020, Ake Srisuwan posted two photos of the dogs and the elderly woman on his Facebook page.

The first picture is a close-up shot of a stray dog sitting beside the poor grandma lying on the riverside. The other picture showed a wider shot of the riverbank along with another dog lying at a slightly farther distance, but parallel to the position of the old lady.

The woman was said to be blind and was found sleeping at the edge of the riverbank, all muddy and wet. That is when Srisuwan took notice of the peculiar situation.

Looking at it from afar, you couldn’t completely tell what was happening, but when Srisuwan zoomed in with his camera, it became clear to him — those two dogs were guarding the old woman.

He was immediately moved after realizing what he had just witnessed.

Facebook users who saw the photo felt sympathy and pity for the woman lying asleep on the muddy riverbank. Some comments also commended the dogs’ loyalty for never abandoning the woman. The circulated photos got the attention of the local authorities, and they decided to help the woman.

The authorities noticed after the post got 762 reactions and 58 shares on Facebook, and they immediately went to help the poor woman and her trustworthy companions. Nepali News Update reported that the woman and her dogs received treatment at a local hospital.

These photos are a perfect example of dogs’ unwavering loyalty.

There are tons of stories about dogs showing loyalty toward their owners. In some cultures, dogs are treated as spiritual guardians, and they build shrines and statues of them. One of the reasons why dogs are so loyal is because they are pack animals.

Before dogs were even domesticated, their earliest wolf ancestors used to travel in packs. The stronger wolves would protect the cubs, females, and the weakest in their packs.

That trait was passed onto domesticated dogs.

And so, the dogs who were protecting the old woman might have been treating her as a member of their pack. There are plenty of other reasons why dogs guard their human owners.

First, when you show kindness to them by petting, feeding, and playing with them regularly, most likely the dogs will not see you as a threat and will try to reciprocate that kindness by protecting you.

Another reason is that dogs see you as an important source of food and shelter that is necessary for their survival. Dogs are loyal to the end – there’s no doubt about that. This story is proof.

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