6 Loveable Dogs And Cats Desperately In Need For An Austin Home & You Can Adopt Them For Free


There are so many others ready for their forever home, too!

Austin Pets Alive! is a pet adoption non-profit organization that helps thousands of cats, dogs, and other animals of Texas in need.

For 25 years, it has played an integral role in helping needy animals by giving them the medical care they might require, or helping them work out behavioral issues so they can have a successful life. All with the goal of fostering or eventually adopting the animals out to loving homes.

Oh, right, and the organization is also a big reason why there are only no-kill shelters in the state’s capital. They helped push legislation for over 10 years to end shelter pet euthanasia in the city and finally found success in 2011.

Currently, adoption fees are waived for pups and many of the cats. All pets leave for their new homes completely vetted, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered.

So, let’s meet some good boys and girls who need you the most.

Meet Bramble!

This cuddly boy is an American Staffy mix looking for a comfortable place to stay so he can finally have reconstruction surgery on his knee. The funds have already been raised for the surgery, now he’s just looking for the right place to call home before it can happen.

Despite his injury, APA! says “He is one of those rare energy-matchers! He mirrors whatever you give off.”

Find out more or give him a follow on his Instagram!

Sweet MarmaladeSweet Marmalade

Introducing Sweet Marmalade!

He might require some extra care to treat his diabetes, but it’ll all be worth it when you’re snuggling up with him on the couch.

This 9-year-old orange tabby is apparently “shy at first, but once he grows used to his surroundings he is quite confident.”

San Diego Hey San Diego!

Sweet Miss San Diego is a senior girl who has been named one of APA!’s most well-mannered pups.

She’s passed the obedience program with flying colors and can’t wait to continue training at a new home.

Menlo․ Hello Menlo!

He’s been at APA! for over 1000 days. Thankfully, a lot of that time has been spent in a foster home, but he’s ready to find a permanent place to stay.

Menlo is incontinent and needs assistance using the restroom, but that shouldn’t sway you from this 3-year-old Russian Blue kitty.

“It’s easier than you might imagine,” APA! says of helping Menlo. “And you will have the support of the APA! Clinic to teach you how to care for him, as well as a dedicated Facebook group where you can connect with other adopters of incontinent cats.”

Hola․ Say hola to Hola!

10-year-old Hola had a rough life and has some imperfections to show for it, but nevertheless, he’s a cutie who wears a sweater.

He’s looking for a quiet home where he can open up his own biscuit-making factory.

Elzar Last, but definitely not least, meet Elzar!

This 5-year-old Labrador mix male has been at the organization for over three years, yet he still has an infectious, bright demeanor. He’s looking for a family he can just hang out with because he’s just that chill.

APA! calls him a homebody, but is still up for a quiet walk in a low-traffic area.

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