A female dog mother abandoned in a refuge due to birth complications loses her 21 puppies


One day, someone left this pregnant female dog at the Boone Area Animal Welfare Society after she gave birth for 24 hours.

She had an emergency cesarean and was coded twice after the operation, but fortunately, her condition began to stabilize.

She received a blood transfusion and was closely monitored in the Iowa College of Veterinary Medicine intensive care unit.

The ISU veterinarians also said that this mother is an older dog and had several puppies in the past.

She was supposed to enjoy her golden years, instead, she was raised and then abandoned when her life became difficult.

The mother dog gave birth to 21 puppies, but unfortunately, all have died since, despite the fact that the veterinarians did everything to save their lives.

All the puppies were underdeveloped, and with 21 puppies, there was no way that they could eat enough while they were in the uterus.

The dog mother, whom they named Ruthie, continues to get better, eats alone and sometimes gets up to go out. She has a very sweet personality and has since left the hospital to live with her new family where she will continue her recovery.

Meanwhile, the Humane Society gives herself a lot of trouble to bring accusations against the man who let Ruthie suffer, but they say that because of the lax laws on the animal welfare of Iowa, it still remains A difficult battle.

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