The sand artist performs incredibly realistic sculptures, and it is easy to confuse them with living animals


Most of us like to go to the beach and relax, sunbathe, look at the sea and enjoy. The sea gives freedom and allows us to temporarily forget our problems.

In the case of Andoni Bastarric, the beaches give him the opportunity to exercise his unique talent. This Spaniard is incredibly gifted to create sand sculptures.

When you look at most of your work, you have the impression that cultures are real and breathe! This man creates incredibly realistic animal sculptures. He is simply incredible in what he does! This man has an incredible and unique talent!

Bastarrica said that many years ago, he accidentally discovered his incredible talent. He was at the beach with his two daughters and in one way or another decided to create a sand siren.

It was then that the man realized that he had a divine talent. As he explains, it was his hands who knew what to do.

He devoted 10 years of his life to what he loves. He discovered his desire and his passion for sand sculpture and was never disappointed.

Now this talented individual is one of the most famous sand sculptures in the world and continues to surprise people with his new creations.

It takes hours and sometimes days to make one of these amazing figurines. For example, the sculptures of a horse and a bison took him two days, and it took him 6 to 8 hours to create dog models.

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