Funny video։ ‘This is mom life’: B.C. woman breastfeeding child saves pet goose from eagle


A Vancouver Island mom has achieved a small measure of internet fame after managing to save her family’s beloved goose from an eagle attack as she was breastfeeding her infant daughter.

Video of the attack at Cait Oakley’s North Saanich home was posted to social media and has garnered more than a million views.

“This is mom life,” said Oakley of her maternal multitasking.

Oakley, a stay-at-home mom of three, was nursing her baby girl when her goose Frankie came to the front door screaming around 6:30 p.m. Monday.

An eagle had swooped down and grabbed Frankie, dragging her a few metres.

Half-dressed and holding her daughter, Oakley ran at the bird, which let go of Frankie and flew away.

“It’s just that fight-or-flight response,” she said.

Oakley’s home security camera captured the incident and her husband posted it on TikTok with Oakley’s full support. As of Wednesday, the video had more than a million views.

Oakley said Frankie is a valued member of the family, protecting the chickens that they keep on their property.

“She’s like my fourth child,” Oakley said. “She follows me around the yard … she’ll nip at our clothes for a treat. She’s just such a large presence.”

Oakley said an eagle took one of their chickens last week. They’ve made some changes, such as adding netting, to protect the animals on their property.

As for Frankie, the attack and her subsequent brush with internet fame haven’t changed her one bit.

“She’s totally fine — super sassy, as always.”

Funny video։

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