Postman writes small letters to a dog who loves to receive the mail


A postman who formed a special bond with a Golden retriever, writes her small letters so she can take them home.

Dogs are very special, they transmit a lot of happiness; they are very friendly and usually choose some people as their favorites. Some dogs seem to hate postmen and delivery men, but others like Pippa, a beautiful Golden retriever, adores them.

Pippa loves to receive visits from her favorite postman, Martin Studer, in Brisbane, Australia. They have established a very strong bond of friendship.

But she not only loves her visits so she can see him, but she also gets excited to be able to receive mail from her family.

The postman is also excited by the attitude of the dog, as she is one of his favorite customers and one of the few who is happy to see him. Every time she watches her friend approach, she runs out to greet him and then receives the mail to fulfill her daily task.

Since they became friends, Pippa is always ready every morning to wait for her friend and receive a caress on his head. She is so used to this work that, when for some reason they change postmen in her area, she gets very upset and does not receive the mail.

The dog is so used to receiving the mail, that Martin does everything possible to do his part and not disappoint her. But sometimes when Pippa goes out to pick up the mail, there is nothing for her house, and that is when Martin has had to be creative so as not to disappoint her.

In order that the dog does not return with her mouth empty, Martin writes small letters on a draft paper, to give them to them.

Although she doesn’t know the difference, she leaves very happy and Martin enjoys seeing how happy she gets to receive her mail.

Sometimes Pippa leaves for daily delivery, but there is no mail she can pick up. So, I have to improvise.»

The postman took a photo of the moment and after posting it on social media, it quickly went viral and users everywhere reacted to the cute scene.

This is an act of love and kindness on the part of the postman, as he is always willing to please Pippa.

«I have been in the Pippa area for the last 2-3 years. I’ve always written something to him. I don’t want to disappoint her! She loves mail. It really makes his day when we come.»

Although Martin has no correspondence to deliver to Pippa’s family, he does it with great affection and it is very nice to know that he does it with satisfaction.

Pippa will continue to receive the mail daily and will be very grateful to her favorite postman for helping her do her job.

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