After the surgery, the dog collapsed into his owner’s arms when he saw him


Dog owners would confess that it has been so many times that they wished their dog could understand human language. Of course, dogs have body language and dog owners begin to understand their pets day by day.

And your pet starts to identify some of your commands. However, there are instances when you are not able to explain everything to your pet. This is the case of a dog who is going to get surgery.

For the dog, it’s a real stress, first of all being separated from the owner. The dog does not understand what’s going on and is always happy when it is finally done.

The Labrador, Jack Daniel, had to go an operation in India. The vets had to remove a lump from his neck. That was a tough thing for everybody involved. The owners worried so much for their dog.

Luckily, the surgery went successfully and the lump was removed safely. The most emotional part, however, was the reunion of the dog with his dad. The experience was seasoned with Christmas decorations and mood as the pup’s paws clasp the man’s shoulders,

and the dog remains motionless as he huddles into his owner’s chest. Jack Daniel looks like a small child hugging his daddy. The owner is full of happiness and thankfulness and keeps on kissing and stroking his beloved pet.

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