Everyone was moved to tears when the horse came to say goodbye to its dying owner.


It was a very touching moment and everyone’s eyes were filled with tears when the horse came to bid farewell to its dying owner Sheila Marsh whose workplace had been Haydock Park Racecourse since the age of 21.

Horses have always played an important role in her life, especially Bronwen, whom Sheila has nurtured, bred and loved very much since childhood.

They have been living together for about 20 years.

It’s a sad fact that Marsh, 77, was diagnosed with fatal cancer in her old age.

On her deathbed, she wanted to see her beloved horse, Bronwen, again.

Sheila’s health was getting worse every day and her daughter Tina Marsh begged for the support of staff at the clinic in Wigan, England, where she was lying.

The doctors gladly responded and said they would help satisfy the dying woman’s last wish.

They took Sheila’s stretcher to the parking lot, where all her beloved horses were looking forward to her.

Among them was also Bronwen. When Bronwen approached her, Sheila felt great joy.

She barely whispered the name of her beloved horse, and Bronwen buried his nose in her cheek. As Tina says:

«Mom struggled to speak on the last day, but she clearly called Bronwen by name and kissed her.»

Bronwen bent down and tenderly bid farewell as he kissed Sheila. Seeing this touching image, Tina couldn’t hold back her tears.

«I cried, and each of the medical assistants also cried. She received a consolation, it was such a delicious second! She had a very unique relationship with Bronwen. She took care of her for 18 or 19 years, since Bronwen was 7 years old. It was touching for all of us, because it was very vital. »

It’s wonderful to see how great feelings emerge between living creatures – both people and horses.

Moreover, it seems that we live for those who are in our hearts, and this spiritual intimacy has no limits.

Obviously, Sheila couldn’t leave without saying goodbye.

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