The abandoned horse and the smallest in the world lives indoors with his three dog friends in San Diego


The world’s smallest horse, which was turned down by its mother, because of its tiny body, lives in San Diego with its human pony trainer and three dogs.

The little pony, named Peabody, was abandoned by his mother, because he was too small, so she could not breastfeed him. The six-week-old pony is smaller than an average dog and its weight is about 20 pounds, which is much more miniature than the average pony size.

Faith Smith, the owner of Peabody, declared this pony the smallest miniature horse at its age in the world.

Peabody lives inside its owner’s house, like a pet. His former owner was offered by the vet to drop off the poor animal after his mother refused to breastfeed him, but, fortunately, Smith managed to save him.

Although the little horse had some health problems, such as a problem with his jaw, the likelihood of being deaf and blind, the risk of not walking, Smith was sure that he would survive and deserved a better life.

Hiring a van, Smith drove to the country to pick up Peabody after the adoption.

Since that day, the miniature horse had some successes, his jaw has aligned and his head has grown, he has a perfect eye-seeing, and he walks.

Though he is deaf, but it isn’t a hinder to feel comfortable at her place.

Peabody also get along with her three dogs, playing with them in the garden. The smallest horse in the world enjoys his life and is very happy.

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