Surfers are waiting for a crying baby whale and rush to help it


An exhausted baby pilot whale who washed ashore at low tide was saved from drowning this week — all thanks to the kindness of surfers who refused to ignore her cries for help.

Earlier Wednesday morning, Mauricio Camareno and his friends were out catching waves along a beach in Costa Rica when they saw a strange mass sticking out of the water at the mouth of a small river nearby.

As they got closer to investigate, they began to hear the animal scream.

«She was very weak and couldn’t keep herself afloat,» Camareno said, translated by the Costa Rica Star.

Giving up spending the day surfing, the group rushed to save the calf.

With all their might, they took her to deeper waters closer to sea. Yet she was so weak that they literally had to hold her to the surface of the water to breathe.

For more than six hours, the rescuers continued this noble task, reports Amelia Rueda – long enough for the whale to regain its strength.

Fortunately, their efforts paid off. At high tide, surfers guided the whale to deeper water where it was able to swim on its own.

Really a job well done!

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