12 Of The Funniest Puns On The Indian Hills Community Center Sign That Will Brighten Your Day


Vince Rozmiarek is a Colorado native who put up a hilarious sign near the Indian Hills Community Center as an April Fools Day joke five years ago. And his joke cracked people up so hard.

Since then, he has been creating one-of-a-kind and clever puns and jokes on that sign. Don’t worry if you don’t live there. Because you can easily find his work on the Internet. There is a Facebook page that has shared his amusing messages.

Thanks to Vince, the Indian Hills Community Sign has become famous. Its Facebook page even attracts over 162k followers, who are always looking forward to Vince’s latest work.

We’ve collected 20 of the most hilarious jokes and puns. Take a few minutes to check them out now. We’re sure that you will fall in love with them immediately. Also, don’t forget to upvote for your favs and share this post with your friends if you find it funny.

#1. Over half of our population will be safe then… (benefit of not having brains!)

#2. True, so very true

#3. Technically correct!

#4. Good advice

#5. Can’t get a hold of it either

#6. Feeling sorry for whoever is named Mike

#7. “I-Cy”

#8. LoL

#9. Ouch!

#10. That is why women have a different perspective

#11. I get what you mean

#12. Dad jokes

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