Lilo, a dog, adopts a three-week-old kitten with little chance of survival. Lilo is a caring person who lives in a house with many animals, including a dog brother, kittens and rabbits, in addition to her human family.

Lilo’s extended family has welcomed a new member, a rescue kitten who needs additional care. Rosie is a little kitten who arrived at Lilo’s house in a horrible state, on the verge of death.

Throughout the day, rescuers tried to feed Rosie every two hours, but she refused to swallow milk. When the loving husky became interested in the little girl, she was about to die.

On Instagram, Lilo’s mother explained:

«He almost died the first night. We continually took care of her because she was slow and indolent. So we took a gamble and let her snuggle up to Lilo. »

The woman continued:

She miraculously started drinking Lilo’s milk, and Lilo became Rosie’s surrogate mother. She even urges him to go to the bathroom (it was very shocking to me). Rosie has been much better since then and has opened her eyes. »

Lilo and the kitten got together in the hope that the dog could help her in some way. But Lilo went above and above; in addition to caring for her, she gave Rosie love, devotion, and hugs.

Lilo and Rosie formed an unbreakable bond. The dog has never had puppies before, but it is obvious that she does not care that her new kitten is a kitten.

Rosie grew stronger and stronger with the support of Lilo and her mother.

Their relationship is unique since they clearly share a lot of affection. Rosie even began to imitate certain canine characteristics, thanks to her canine mother.

Rosie is now an adult cat who gets along well with her family, as shown in photos on Instagram showing her panting like a dog, walking on a leash and sharing with the rest of the pack.

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