The doctor has seen many cases, but still can not forget this grandfather


The doctors had very little time to drink coffee and the doctor thought he wouldn’t be able to sit down until the end of the shift and just put a candy in his pocket. They left this room and immediately heard the voice of the dispatcher.

They said that an old man feels bad and can’t explain what hurts him. They immediately run to the old man’s apartments.

They entered a two-story house where there was a dog in the yard. They were greeted by a man and led inside the house, which was very large and had many rooms.

The owner of the house was somehow strange and evil. When they entered the patient, they saw an old man who was lying on the floor and could not get up.

The room was very stuffy and dirty. They immediately opened the window to ventilate the room. The owners of the house thought, interrupting themselves, that Grandpa had fallen and could not get up.

Grandpa’s heart was functioning normally, but the pressure was low. The doctor asked when he was last fed, and for some reason the owners gave strange answers.

They were unhappy with the doctor’s questions. And the doctor already guessed that he was not well fed because no one needed him there. Grandpa was taken to the hospital, he weighed very little and was very weak. It was obvious that he was very sad, but he didn’t say anything, he was just lying on the way to the hospital.

The doctor looked at her sad eyes and remembered the candy she had put in her pocket and gave it to the old man. And he said, «Thank you, daughter.»

The doctor remembered this day for a very long time and it is simply impossible to forget how much they all laughed at this nice old man with a sad look…

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