Cute Dog Goes Paragliding Over French Slopes


While not everyone may be brave enough to try out adventure sports like paragliding, a dog is winning the internet as he enjoys the thrill with his owner.

A big, fluffy Samoyed is seen gliding through the air, soaking in every bit of the unusual experience with its owner. With a harness attached around its body, the dog was seen riding below the man, who filmed their journey.

Watch the video here.

Flying over the picturesque Col du Granon, a famous mountain pass in France, adventure film director Shams, owner of Ouka took a flight with him recently.

In a video posted on Instagram of Ouka, the rescue dog, it was explained how they prepared for their flight together. After training for just one month, the ride marked the beginning of many more paragliding trips.

Sharing some pictures on his own profile, the owner said his life changed for the better when he adopted the 3-year-old canine in late June.

“I am trying my best to give Ouka his best life, and he is helping me a lot to make me smile again. Thanks, buddy!” he wrote online.

“Let’s go fly around the world now!” the paragliding enthusiast added, saying he is getting a customized harness made for his pet for all their future adventures.

Ouka is not just into paragliding but also regular hiking and kayaking. The duo keeps exploring nature to have a great time together with other friends and family.

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