Meet Zoë, the cat who literally carries her heart on her chest


When his future humans came to adopt his sister, the kitten Zoë charmed them to adopt him as well. She had a small circumference in her chest: a large black heart-shaped mark.

Remarkably, no one had noticed this anatomically correct heart patch before that. His humans fell in love with this adorable cat on the spot, and the two black and white cat sisters remained united.

As Zoë grew, so did her heart and fur. Her longer coat has earned her the nickname «The Fluff», although she also goes through «Queen Of Hearts».

Zoë and her sister Izzy have their own Instagram account, where they currently have nearly 75,000 followers. At first, the focus was on Zoë and her adorable brand of heart.

But recently, the sisters have become just as popular as this cute cat has amassed the entire fan base of its own due to its irresistible and expressive face.

British Shorthair mixes are equally adorable animals but have different personalities. Izzy is fearless and adventurous, while Zoë is more cautious, but extremely curious.

The two unusual cats are very affectionate, towards their humans and towards each other. Just look at these pretty pictures and see if they can also conquer your heart.

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