A woman takes 18 disabled dogs to the beach for their 1st time


Dogs are among the purest animals. For our canine friends, the smallest everyday things, such as going for a walk or mom or dad coming home from work, are always a cause of total elation. Most dogs would agree that there is nothing more exciting than exploring nature – but for some, it’s harder than others.

Dogs with disabilities struggle to navigate terrain that most dogs can handle without thinking.
Rocky landscapes, areas with lots of thick undergrowth and bodies of water are all a no-no for dog wheelchairs.

Beaches, with their miles of sand and sea, can also be out of the question – which is a shame, as most dogs love the beach. You know that inexplicable feeling of happiness you feel at the beach? Well, dogs get that too, at about ten times the intensity.

Salima Kadaoui was therefore determined that her 18 disabled dogs could enjoy the beach like all other dogs.
Salima founded SFT Animal Sanctuary in Tangier, Morocco. Many of the dogs she takes in have lifelong disabilities after being hit by cars and left behind.

Fortunately, Salima rarely gives in to her dogs, knowing that it is always possible for them to live their lives to the fullest – as long as they can adapt to a new way of life.

She proved the power of rehabilitation when she took some of her dogs on a day trip on July 4.
Although they only have working front legs, the dogs put on an impressive speed as they ran alongside Salima from one end of the beach to the other.

Imagine relaxing by the shore and hearing a commotion – only to look up and see 18 dogs in wheelchairs running along the sand!

The video makes it an adorable watch.
There are dogs of all sizes on the beach, from a small corgi to a large German shepherd. It’s a revelation to see how the dog wheelchair has been an invention that has saved lives.

Never mind that these dogs cannot use their hind legs, because with their wheels in place, they can run as fast as their non-disabled friends. There’s even time for a bit of goofiness, too!
At one point, a corgi steals Salima’s shoe, shaking it in his mouth before returning it to its rightful owner.

Another clip of the dogs running on the beach shows that a cheeky dog managed to get the wheel of his friend’s wheelchair into his mouth – but they keep hitting at full speed!

It certainly looks like a fun-loving group, and it’s fantastic that Salima was able to give these puppies the life they deserve. One thing is certain: these dogs do not feel sorry for themselves.

They can teach us a thing or two about life. How many of us, even those of us without disabilities, compare ourselves to other people and find ourselves desiring things we don’t have?

We should be more like these dogs – loving what we have, regardless of what we lack.

The video of Salima and her puppies has been viewed nearly 50,000 times. Speaking to Story Trender about her rescue mission, Salima said: «In total, we have nearly 600 animals in the sanctuary, including dogs, cats, donkeys and monkeys.»

Wow – she must have her hands full! But what a rewarding job it has to be. Click below to watch the adorable video of a group of disabled dogs loving life on the beach. Please SHARE this with your friends and family. Sources of the article:

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