Meet Gia and Zara, սnlikely besties who make սp the cսtest «girl grօup» օf all time


Some friendships seem to be a gift from heaven.

Since Gia’s birth, her family’s devoted rottweiler, Zara, has been by her side. The couple grew up together and mom Stacey says they are like «two peas in a pod.»

Zara has been Gia’s constant companion since she was barely old enough to hold her head high!

Meet Gia and Zara, unlikely besties that make up the cutest «girl group» of all time
Stacey says their friendship really blossomed when Gia started walking and eating solid foods.

The little girl has learned to share with her best friend dog, and in return, Zara is for her a sweet and loyal companion. Even when Gia was a baby, the dog had an innate sweetness around her.

«She just knew that Gia was a new member of the pack, and she just knows how to protect her,» Stacey said. «They kind of naturally grew up as siblings.»

The family lives in Africa and enjoys spending time outdoors, lounging in their garden and making music together.

Rencontrez Gia et Zara, des besties improbables qui composent le «groupe de filles» le plus mignon de tous les temps

When Gia was still wearing diapers, they gave her a standing microphone for Christmas. By the time he came out of the box, Gia was «singing» loud and clear. To the delight of the family, Zara was looking forward to participating!

«Zara spoke. It was hilarious,» Stacey said of the first few times Zara joined her little sister in song.

With singing, it happened. We bought Gia a standing microphone for Christmas. Every time Gia starts singing, well, she doesn’t really sing, Zara starts screaming. It cannot contain itself.

Every time Gia sings into her microphone, Zara throws her head back and «awoos» with her. Stacey calls them «everyone’s favorite girl group!»

In fact, after the proud mom shared a video of the singer duo on social media, they went viral. Today, they are full-fledged «pop influencers» with more than 28,000 followers on Instagram.

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