The dog that spent its years in chain is already saved and adored by its owner


Animals are generally considered human friends, especially dogs, because a dog is a beautiful creature that brings joy to human life.

Unfortunately, many dogs have been neglected for many years and roam the streets.

This story is about such a dog. The owner treated him very badly, chained him to the house, and the poor dog never received love and tenderness. He was trying to break that chain and get rid of that slavery, but fortunately, the owner took him to a dog shelter.

The animal was adopted twice, but they could not befriend the dog, with whom they were treated harshly.

And he always came back to the shelter. But fortunately, one day, the staff of the Animal Welfare Organisation heard about his story and wanted to help this unfortunate dog.

Unfortunately, thanks to them, the life of the animal has changed, and the dog already has masters. Finally, he understands what it means to be happy and receive great love. They play together, walk, go to the park or the ocean.

Fortunately, the animal now feels happy.

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