A faithful dog kept for a week his friend dog who fell into a cistern


These two dogs were lost because the door of their owner’s house was not closed, their names were Tillie and Phoebe.They both disappeared at the same time, they ran away from the house because the owner had guests and the gate was open.

Their owner said that before, when the door was open, the dogs would see them but wouldn’t go out until their owner told them. Unfortunately, because of this mane, one of the dogs fell into the pond.

The dog’s owner called a rescue team. It was quite difficult to find the two dogs. Meanwhile, they hadn’t eaten anything. He was trying to find someone to help them.

They were found a week later. These dogs are a true example of love, care and devotion. They are both inseparable.

After being rescued, they were given delicious things to eat, and then the animals slept well.

Fortunately, they now have a special necklace thanks to which they can not get lost.

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