A used for breeding hides her face after being abandoned


This little dog named Doris was probably used for many years to raise litter after litter of puppies, and was abandoned after becoming an old animal. Fortunately, a kind woman found her when she was abandoned in a field.

Apparently, her owner felt that at her age she was no longer useful, since she could not have puppies, so he decided to abandon her to her fate in a remote place.

When the woman found Doris, she was huddled to warm up in a bed she had made in the middle of the brush.

A dog hides his face from rescuers

As soon as the dog appeared, it could be said that it had been used excessively to reproduce, and that it had various health problems. So the kind-hearted woman decided to contact Howl Of A Dog Animal Shelter.

The shelter responded positively to the woman’s call, but they were still slow to arrive to take care of the case, so she took care of Doris in the meantime. Patiently, the woman gave the necessary care to the dog who no longer had the strength to move; all his energy had been used to warm up.

He hand-fed her and Doris was so hungry that when she took the first bite of food, her eyes lit up.

The woman arranged everything she needed to pick her up and be able to take her home when the rescuers arrived.

When they arrived, they saw that the dog was well cared for and that she was more cheerful, but her health problems were very obvious. She was also very shy and devastated; so much so that he hid his face from looking at his rescuers out of fear.

So the rescuers took her and went directly to the vet for a general health check-

Unfortunately, the test results revealed that he had a tumor in one of his ears. her kidneys weren’t working properly, she had liver problems and breast tumors.

For all her problems, Doris was a great patient and loved smiling at the staff and her new human friends. After a few days, Doris regained strength and the staff decided to take her for a walk, but they noticed that something was wrong.

After doing another test, the result gave another bad news; Doris suffered from vertebral degeneration. The kind puppy was only meant for bad news, and just when the shelter staff thought things couldn’t get any worse for her, they learned that she was also deaf.

Her friends were very discouraged and worried about Doris, as it would be difficult to find a home for an elderly dog with all these health problems.

Despite all these setbacks, Doris continued to smile and amaze her rescuers with her adorable attitude to life.

It was obvious that she was happy to have new kind and loving friends; The poor woman had never received love in her difficult life.

After some time at the shelter, the little fighter managed to move forward and made significant progress in the face of all her health problems. From a fragile dog that could barely stand, she was now able to enjoy walks in the fresh air and became a very happy animal.

Thanks to medical treatments, his kidneys are working better and the other problems have been gradually brought under control.

It is not known for sure what kind of life it led before, but what is certain is that it was used for reproduction; without being loved and cared for.

With a lot of love and patience, Doris begins a new stage of her life and hopes to soon be able to meet a family forever.

Doris saved

Although it is very difficult to find an adoptive family, the shelter is committed to achieving this goal to improve Doris’ life.

The shelter said:

«We will offer our full support to the adoptive family so that Doris can receive the best medical care.»

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