Dog Survives 6 Days In The Desert After Falling Off The Plane


A dog named Gaspar experienced a real miraculous situation. The animal was traveling by plane to meet his tutor, when before the takeoff, the cargo compartment door accidentally opened and changed the dog’s fate.

Gaspar was traveling to the city of Iquique in northern Chile with his best friend Ligia Gallardo. The two-year-old dog traveled with Gallardo inside an animal carrier box in the cargo compartment of the plane. But as soon as the plane landed, Ligia had an unpleasant surprise when she found the shipping box empty.

With the accidental opening of the cargo compartment, the box that carried Gaspar crashed and opened, startling the little dog, who ran out of the plane. Gaspar headed toward the Atacama Desert, where he wandered for almost a week before being found.

Authorities told Gallardo that an accident had occurred and that the dog had escaped. According to Gaspar’s guard, Janis Cavieres, the box had fallen from the hold of the plane still standing, opening after the impact. That would have scared the dog that ran.

Cavieres tried to track Gaspar through a search operation she organized on social networks. The dog had been seen several times in the desert, but could not be caught, according to local media.

The airline and a local army unit allegedly provided vehicles and personnel to aid the search, and the animal was finally rescued and returned to its owner.

The veterinarian who took care of the dog after the rescue, Paola Bravo, told local media: “He was dirty, stressed and malnourished. He had been missing for six days and lost a lot of weight. “

Despite this, a few days after having his world turned around, Cavieres confirmed that “Gaspar is much better and slowly gaining weight”.

The airline accepted responsibility for the broken shipping carton and the subsequent disappearance of Gaspar. The company also investigates whether the opening of the cargo compartment door was caused by human error.

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