The family gives their dog a stool so he can visit the neighboring dogs


A family gives their adorable Labrador a stool, so he can see his neighbors with ease and his friendship can continue to flourish.

A pair of Great Danes and a neighboring chocolate Labrador form the most touching friendship. Even the family had to provide a stool for Giuseppe, their Labrador dog, so he could see Vito and Bambino over the wall; your neighbor friends.

The huge dogs have no problem looking over the wall that divides their garden, but Giuseppe finds it a little more difficult.

About six months ago, Vito and Bambino had a new friend; his new neighbor Giuseppe.

Family pooping their pet
Great Danes

The arrival of the chocolate Labrador was a special event for the dogs, but exchanging their greetings has become a challenge for their neighbor, because the concrete wall that divides the garden of the two houses is too high for Giuseppe to reach. see above.

Vito and Bambino with mum
The friendly chocolate Labrador therefore had to think about and create different ways to see his friends and greet them.

Afton Tarin, mother of Vito and Bambino, told The Dodo:

“He has repeatedly tried to jump up and smell his big dog friends whenever we are outside. »

After learning about this event, Giuseppe’s family had a great idea, thinking it was what their adorable pet wanted.

Robert Carnes, Giuseppe’s father, said:

“Giuseppe jumped furiously as high as he could and tried to say hello. He always said; If only you had a stool.

Thinking about this, Robert remembered that he actually had a stool kept in his house, so he sent one of his children for him immediately. The man put it near the wall so that Giuseppe could climb on it.

Vito and Bambino
With the stool, the chocolate Labrador was bigger and he could see his two adorable neighbors face to face and very easily.

Robert took a photo of this curious scene and sent it to Vito and Bambino’s mother, who immediately fell in love with the event.

Family donates pet stool

Afton said:

“My first reaction was to laugh. Seeing his little legs fully extended and his tail fuzzy from moving too fast, I couldn’t help myself. It’s incredibly cute. It definitely gives you a sense of well-being. »

Fortunately for everyone, there is not always a wall separating Giuseppe from his great friends, because their beautiful friendship has gone further.

Ever since their parents met and saw the friendship that exists between their pets, they all started going out together for walks around the neighborhood.

Family of stools
It is good to know that this beautiful friendship is no longer divided by a wall, and on the contrary; it blooms every time they go for a walk.

Afton said:

“The guys like each other a lot. It’s really nice to have this kind of relationship with our next door neighbours. »

Special neighbors
There is no doubt that Giuseppe, Vito and Bambino feel the same as their parents, as they share a very special bond between them.

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