Blind shelter dog always runs when he hears the voice of his best friend


Arafa has a sad past because he had to face loneliness in the streets when he was blind, but a man of good heart rescued him and he is very grateful to give him all his love.

Arafa is a blind puppy who was rescued thanks to Ahmed Embaby, a volunteer at the Furever Rescue Foster shelter, after roaming the streets of Cairo, Egypt for a long time.

For Arafa things have been difficult, but his condition is not an impediment to providing love to all the people he meets, especially his rescuer Embaby.

According to The Dodo, Arafa is just one of hundreds of dogs that have been rescued by the shelter, and he is now safe and very grateful.

Blind dog runs when he hears his best friend’s voice
Man hugs blind puppy
The bond that has emerged between Arafa and Embaby is enviable, they are rarely separated.

Puppy in shelter

Embaby said:

«Arafa is my blind guardian and follows me all day.»

Blind puppy
When the man arrives at the shelter in the mornings, the puppy runs towards him to greet him.

Although Arafa can’t see, Embaby’s voice is his best guide.

Embaby is very happy to know that Arafa loves him and always shows it euphorically, by receiving him in the shelter and by staying by his side.

Blind puppy with his human friend
There is no way Arafa can regain his sight, but he is a happy puppy now thanks to the efforts of his rescuers.

Embaby said:

«He’s doing very well. I can’t even begin to describe the joy I feel when we see our rescued dogs getting better.»

Puppy can’t see

For this man and the other volunteers, the best gift they can receive for their work is the love of the rescued animals and their gratitude.

Dogs bathe

Embaby’s goal is for Arafa, like many other puppies, to find a forever home where they are treated with love, as they really deserve.

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