Frightened dօg does nօt stop hugging her rescuers very grateful


Natalie Olivieri is the vice president of Furever Bully Love Rescue, a rescue group based in Orlando, Florida.

She found Harper, a dog who was abandoned in a large field in Redland, Florida. This place is known for having a large population of stray dogs, and volunteers do their best to feed them.

Unfortunately, the number of dogs that require urgent help is enormous and the volunteers of the rescue groups cannot cope. In February 2017 Natalie teamed up with Redland Rock Pit and there she found Harper.

She realized she had been abused and was traumatized. At the time he was about a year old and believed to have been in Redlands for 5 months.

«The place is practically a dog dump. People just leave them there.»

Frightened dog does not stop hugging her rescuers
Scared puppy

The dog was covered with scars that showed that she had been abused, so Natalie decided that she would be taken. As she could, she placed a necklace on her, but instantly the terrified dog was paralyzed with fear.

Natalie says:

«Harper went out with five other dogs. As soon as Harper approached us and we met, she fell completely to the ground in fear.»

When they arrived in Orlando they went to the vet where she was diagnosed with anemia, had worms and a dental infection. All this began to be treated, but the most difficult thing was his fear of people.

Initially she couldn’t even get her feet and the volunteers even helped her go to the bathroom; she clung tightly to them.

Jennifer Adorno, president of Furever Bully Love Rescue said:

«I’ve never had a dog that hugged me so tightly»

Puppy hugs his rescuer

Harper was taken to a foster home, her mother Cheryl Kessler in a few weeks managed to notice a growing improvement in her behavior.

«She leaves her kennel and runs outside. She is doing her business in the backyard, and she is simply a very normal and typical dog. I love seeing her come out of her shell and her personality.»

A few weeks later they discovered that she was pregnant and gave birth to 8 puppies and they all found a definitive home. Harper understood that he would now have affection and food always.

Dogs like Harper, who have been through tough times, are sweet and always grateful. They seem to remember the fortune of finally having a home and a lot of love.

If you are interested in adopting a pet you can visit the pages of local shelters or check on the Petfinder website.

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