Rescue dogs in a parking lot were looking for the help of everyone who passed by


Dogs rescued from a parking lot in Texas asked for help from people in search of food and a warm home, fortunately now they have love to spare

Destiny Vasquez, 18, found two frightened and hungry dogs in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant in Brownsville, Texas.

At first, Destinity saw one of the furry ones wandering around, the young woman took out her phone to record a video, and hurried to help him.

The young woman called her mother through tears to tell her about the scene in front of her.

«I was on the road, I saw one of the dogs and I said, ‘Oh my God! This dog is homeless. I was crying and crying. I called my mother and said, ‘Mom, I have to get this dog.’ I didn’t know there were two dogs at the time.»

Rescue dogs in a parking lot were looking for help
Rescue dogs in parking
Destiny’s mother Jessica Marin has previously rescued homeless dogs.

So, at the call of his daughter, he went to the place. While there he discovered that it was two dogs that apparently lived in the parking lot.

«I spoke to an employee who said the dogs had been here a long time.»

The woman took pictures of the dogs and decided to send them to her daughter Leslie Hennings, so that she will help her share the images on her social networks in order to raise awareness.


«They get into every passing car hoping to find a home. It’s been weeks. Tonight will be another night.»

Rescue dogs
The message posted by Leslie worked and Ana Terán, a volunteer with the Animal Relief Brigade in Houston, rented a car and drove to the scene to pick them up.

«As soon as I saw it, I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t let it go. I just said, ‘How can I get these dogs? If I have to rent a car, I’ll do it to get them.»

To help in the process, Jessica had already managed to gain the trust of the dogs and took them in her car to meet Ana; I was very excited.

«I cried.» I called my daughter and said, ‘Guess what dogs I have?'»

Seeing them, Ana was very moved, she added:

«I was so excited to see them! They were the cutest. They wanted love so desperately. They were so friendly. They were not afraid or shy. They had big smiles; they were very excited. They had no idea what was going on, but they were very happy.»

On her way back, Ana picked up nine more dogs and during the journey tried to keep them calm with music and talking to them; to make them feel safe, and remind them that life is also good.

Dogs rescued in a cage
Now the two rescued dogs live next to Ana; they are believed to be about a year old.

They are two lovely females named Patty and Pepper and have a very sweet temperament, love to be together and are quite curious.

Valerie Johnson, president and co-founder of animal aid brigade, who specialize in rescues throughout South Texas spoke about the issue and said:

«It’s heartbreaking. You feel empathy for those animals that are clearly trying to get someone to help them. It really breaks your heart, and you wonder, ‘How does this happen?'»

Animal shelter
The shelter is in need of help keeping the rescues active, they are looking to raise funds to acquire a sterilization vehicle that facilitates the most basic procedures.

Soon Pepper and Patty will be ready to find a definitive home, and although that makes her nostalgic, Ana knows that there are many other animals that need her help.

«This is just the beginning of his journey and his adventures. I’m really excited for them.»

If you are interested in learning about the rescues or making donations you can visit the shelter’s Facebook page.

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