Deaf senior dog wakes up in a new life after spending 11 years on the street


After living almost all his life on the streets, an older, deaf dog finds a forever home next to a woman.

Before being rescued, this dog roamed alone on the streets of Los Angeles, United States, apparently, had been living this way for most of his life.

At the time, the puppy was around 11 years old, and because of his age he got too sick and just wanted to find a little help.

One day, the older dog decided to take a nap on the porch of a woman’s house, but decided to stay in this place until he found the necessary help. The woman noticed that the puppy was sick and very scared, so she decided to approach to observe what was wrong with her.

After several days, the dog named Solovino by the woman, still remained on the porch, so he decided to do something to help him.

Older, Deaf Dog Finds a Home

The woman contacted the Rocket Dog Rescue animal shelter, who agreed to take care of Solovino and took him to their headquarters in San Francisco.

The rescue center specializes in helping homeless animals, but the dog was first put in a foster home to get used to its new environment.

Lastimosamente, a Solovino lo adoptaron varias veces, pero por alguna razón todas esas veces lo devolvieron al refugio, sin dar muchas explicaciones.

Nadie podía entender por qué el dulce perrito no podía encontrar un hogar adecuado, hasta que apareció Carol Messina para cambiar su vida.

By fate, Carol saw Solovino’s photo on the internet and immediately knew he was the right dog for her and decided to adopt him.

«As soon as I saw his face on the site, I wanted to love him. Then I saw that her name was Solovino, and being a big Star Wars fan, I immediately thought, ‘Well, her name is Solo! I knew it was fate.

Then when I met him and saw how sad he was, I knew he would stay with me forever, no matter what.»

When he first met Solo, he was very sad, shy, and had little confidence in people, but he knew that with her he would be safe.

Solovino arrived at his new home and although he should be happy, he was terrified, apparently, living so long on the streets had affected him. In addition, he was very cautious with people and unreliable, as if he thought carol was going to give him back like the other adopters did.

«When he came to live with me, he kept his tail between his legs for months. He was unsociable with dogs, people and cats, he shuddered every time someone tried to pet him.»

Soon, Carol would make a discovery that would change Solo’s situation, as he was almost completely deaf and his teeth bothered him a lot. Even the volunteers at the shelter hadn’t noticed this either, which explained a bit the reasons for their strange attitude.

Perhaps, not being able to hear people when they approached was the reason why I kept so anxious or remained very nervous. In addition, his teeth were causing him a lot of pain and he found it very difficult to be happy with any activity or demonstrate his true attitude.

So, his new mother decided to take him to the vet to have his teeth repaired, and once they did, Solo totally changed.

The dog began to play and run around all the places in the house, and even began to meet new dogs to form nice friendships. To help him with his hearing problem, Carol bought him a harness that says deaf, so people know and ask before stroking him.

Also, always turn on and off the lights in the house, so that Solo knows that she is approaching and not frightened by her presence.

Solovino ha cambiado por completo, en poco tiempo se convirtió en un perro alegre, extrovertido y disfruta de su vida al máximo.

«Las personas que viven a nuestro alrededor siempre comentan que ya ni siquiera parece el mismo perro. No abrió la boca ni siquiera para jadear durante meses, y ahora sonríe, da vueltas y corre al aire libre una docena de veces al día».

A pesar de sus problemas de salud, la vida de Solovino cambió totalmente y ahora está muy feliz de vivir sus años dorados al lado de su nueva mamá.

After living on the streets for so many years, the best thing that could have happened to Solovino was to have found a forever home.

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