This guy seems to befriend any animal he knows


The Irish photographer and adventurer, Allan Dixon, is known in the world because he masters the art of taking pictures with many exotic animals.

It has gained so much popularity that it has been affectionately nicknamed «Animal Whisperer», a perfect nickname to accompany photographs with quokkas, camels, kangaroos, sea lions, etc.

The man began his crazy adventure in 2015 and, since then, has traveled to many parts of the world collecting funny photos to share on the internet.

But, a perfect selfie is not just laughter and games, a process must be carried out that can last between five minutes and three hours.

This guy seems to be a friend of all animals

In addition, man must socialize with the animal to gain its trust, and in this way be able to capture a beautiful photograph.

Undoubtedly, the wonderful animal world of Allan captured in selfies, has managed to demonstrate all the similarities that humans and wild animals have.

From the smile, facial expressions and genuine joy you can’t fake when posing for a fun snapshot.

allan and twin
Due to his fame, several media outlets have approached Allan to ask him what it takes to take the best selfie with animals.

This guy looks like a friend
Allan does not hesitate to attend to them and also made it clear that his photographic project has become more than just simple photos with animals.

Allan Told Bored Panda:

«My selfies got animals adopted, helped conservation, and raised tens of thousands in donations. It means everything to me and has become my life. Purposeful things that give you the feeling that you’re making a difference.»

This guy seems to know
Thanks to his work from him, man receives thousands of messages from people from different parts of the world who say they want to work with animals.

«To them I say, anyone can do it, reach out and offer your help. Even if you can inspire a person to make a change, you’re on the right track.»

The photographer always tries to remind all his followers and the internet public that behind every photograph there are animals that really need help.

Although animal content is loved on the internet, there are not enough people dedicated to changing real life for many of these animals.

Therefore, Allan urges everyone to help transform the lives of wild animals, whether by donating, helping or offering their skills.

The truth is that Allan’s photographs have managed to positively impact people, and the most important thing is that he manages to leave a message.

Allan has focused much more on his personal business and his YouTube channel, as due to the pandemic he has not been able to travel.

Alan commented.

«Of course I will continue to take selfies of animals, but the whole Covid thing has really ruined people’s travel plans.»

He also said that very soon people will know about a very big project that he is working on, but he can’t talk much about it.

For now, we will continue to enjoy the beautiful photographs and the beautiful relationship that this man has managed to achieve with each animal.

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