Russian woman rescued a bear from a zoo, and now they are best friends


Documenting a couple of friends on a fishing day may be normal, but when one of them is known to be a brown bear, it becomes interesting.

Veronika Dichka, a woman living in Novosibirsk (Russia), decided to adopt a bear named Archie from a safari park that had to close.

Archie had been rescued from a circus when he was just a puppy, and has since lived in the zoo along with other animals.

Unfortunately, due to many problems attracted by the pandemic, the zoo had to close because it became very difficult to maintain the expenses of the place.

At that precise moment Veronika went into action, because she knew that Archie could not survive in the forest because he had always been in captivity.

Russian woman rescued a brown bear
The kind-hearted woman decided to adopt him and give him the life he so deserved to have for the rest of his days.

Veronika told daily Mail:

«We can’t release him in the wild because he’s a bear that has lived in captivity all his life.»

It should be noted that Veronika already knew the bear, because they had done several photo sessions, but they were simply two working acquaintances.

However, after adopting him they became a couple of inseparable friends and the photographic records are evidence of their beautiful relationship.

Both behave like any couple of friends and appreciate the company they provide daily, so they take advantage of the time doing different activities.

Their relationship is unlikely, but it is still touching for people who know about their history and get carried away by the photos.

Everyone has their own personality and tastes; Archie is intelligent, knows various tricks, and is very disciplined, as well as being too affectionate and spoiled.

On the other hand, Veronika is a professional model and dancer, but there is a taste they share in common, and it is time for sport fishing.

Even recently a video was released where friends are seen enjoying a day of fishing in the waters of Lake Novosibirsk. The day was wonderful for both of them and was recorded in several photos that Veronika decided to share on Instagram for all her followers.

Archie looked happy, plus he sat on the small boat, held the fishing rod and oars by himself, as if he knew what to do.

Veronika added:

«Archie spends every day with us and is madly in love with water. He loves it when I take him to explore new corners, so this day of fishing was a pleasure for him.»

The bear sees Veronika as a member of his family and that’s why he loves to share time with her and even share food. In addition, they sleep together, and he constantly gives hugs to his friend, and even when Archie is afraid he hides behind her.

Veronika has become their protective soul and they are both very happy to have each other to enjoy their days.

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