4 signs that your dog is happy and you’re doing it right


Below you will find 5 signs, and if at least one of the signs matches, then congratulations, your dog is happy with you!

Ears are relaxed

In a satisfied dog, the ears should hang on each side and should not be stretched or pressed against the head. Exceptions are dogs with trained ears, such as breeds such as Doberman Pinschers and Siberian Huskies.

Calm look

The eyes of a calm and happy dog are relaxed, in normal shape, he often blinks and looks without tension. If the eyes are rounded so that you can see the whites of the eyes, it is already a sign of anxiety.

The smile

Yes, dogs can smile too! Smile in dogs – the mouth is open, the tongue comes out and the eyebrows are raised. Scientists believe that animals have only learned to smile thanks to humans, because with a smile one climbs with good intentions towards a dog.

Waving their tail and body

In the most moving moments, the dog stirs not only its tail, but also its body, as if dancing in different directions. This is a sign of strong joy and pleasure, dogs often greet their masters in this way after a long separation.

We hope you will succeed in at least one match and have confirmed that you are the owner of a happy dog!

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