Rescuers rescue an abandoned German dog hungry on the ground with the help of Pitbull


Dogs are indispensable for many agencies. Many police and military have security dogs and bomb detectors.

They play an important role in hospitals and care facilities.

They help the dead or sick, the elderly and children. Their role in our lives is priceless, they are true heroes. They have a keen sense of smell and hearing, which helps them carefully search for victims.

This story is about a dog named Lucy. The animal rescue organization No Kill Kern received a phone call about a dog abandoned in the field. The team immediately went to the area with Lucy.

He immediately left with the dog and a few minutes later he managed to find the animal. The poor man was scared and hungry.

Abandoned dogs usually behave this way, they usually stay in the same place until they do not feel any danger and because they do not move from where they are, they end up hungry and thirsty for days.

However, these dogs are afraid of people because they do not know what to expect from them and sometimes do not understand that people have good intentions.

Rescuers approached slowly but the dog fled alone. They used a trap for this. Now he will be detained until he is transferred to a shelter.

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