The dog comes out of the house with the carrot for his best horse friend


The more we read about dogs doing amazing, thoughtful, or unique things, the more we start to wonder: Is there really something dogs can’t do?

Not only are dogs smart enough to learn tricks pretty quickly, but they’re also incredibly friendly and compassionate towards others. In fact, we would go so far as to say that dogs are much more compassionate than some humans, even.

So when we came across a video of a dog bringing a special treat to his horse friend, it simply helped confirm our theory that dogs are really capable of doing just about anything.

The caring puppy not only knows that a horse’s favorite treat is a carrot, but he does everything possible to deliver the carrot directly to the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Tina LeVoir-Jones was visiting a friend’s farm when she came across the clever trick of her friend’s puppy. Whenever it was time for the horse to have a snack, the dog jumped straight into the action.

Tina shared the video on Facebook and she quickly accumulated an impressive 1k shares, as well as hundreds of likes and comments.

«It’s awesome! Watch carefully. My friend asks her dog to bring a carrot to her horse,» Tina said in a caption in her video.

At the beginning of the video, the dog comes out of the house with something in his mouth.
It is the carrot, and it is on a mission to do important work. The intelligent puppy knows exactly where he needs to go, and he embarks on a race towards the field, running through the stables and towards his horse friend.

You’d expect most dogs to be afraid of horses – but not this one! The dog and the horse are clearly good friends, as neither of them seems nervous towards each other when approaching the dog. In fact, the horse is so calm and collected that she scratches her back casually as her girlfriend approaches.

When the dog reaches the horse, he patiently waits for her to finish scratching her back before pushing the carrot in front of her face, as if to say, «Look what I have for you!»

The horse then graciously takes its snack and eats everything is in place – while the dog, whose job is done, obediently returns to its owner. What a smart dog!
«Good boy!» The owner of the intelligent puppy screams at him.

People took the comments to share their love for the video, with one user saying:

«I made my day 🎂 such a sweet friendship»

«The dog made sure his friend had a snack!»

One last person simply added, «Omg!! It’s great!!! »

This is definitely one of the coolest tricks we’ve seen a dog do, in addition to being a super caring and caring act. Do you know a dog that can do special tricks? Let us know in the comments!

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