Animals are extraordinary, they teach us countless values as well as the true meaning of the word respect and love


The life of a kitten was not easy, he had several difficulties in his way, but fortunately the fine one was good.

A little girl found a little kitten. The little girl loved it. But soon after, the family had a dear cat, and the poor cat was taken to his grandmother’s house.

A small cat that was abandoned by its owners found relatives friends and happiness in the kennel.

Unfortunately, the grandmother didn’t like it.

The old woman did not need a cat, she did not leave him at home and barely fed him.

One day, the cat disappeared and my grandmother was delighted. A few days later, we noticed him in a kennel on the edge of the village.

Dog owners were very surprised to see a cat in the kennel. The dog was so big that everyone barked loudly.

In addition to barking at people, he also barked at other prominent dogs. No one could cross the garden.

And most interestingly, the big dog that everyone was afraid of warmed the kitten. They started eating in a common bowl and shared the same area.

After much trouble, the poor cat found a safe haven, a friend and a guardian forever. Now he is loved and surrounded by attention.

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