This guy can be considered a real lucky one, because every morning he meets his girlfriend with a big hug, who is both an adult and graceful lioness.


This guy can be considered a real lucky one, because every morning he meets his girlfriend with a big hug, who is both an adult and graceful lioness.

Man saved her life 10 years ago, when the lioness was a few days old and then they became very attached to each other, and this example demonstrates that love and affection are universal concepts and apply to all living beings.

And recently, wildlife activist Valentin Gruner posted a video on his page in which one could admire how a predator encounters him with his strong hugs in the morning and the video went viral, spreading throughout the network.

Such an interest in video is not surprising, because it must be admitted that it is not every day that one can see such a strong and strong attachment between a person and a wild animal, which is usually feared.

Valentin said that his favorite, a lioness named Sirga, is very sweet, calm and affectionate, and that her favorite hobby is cuddling. She also likes to rub her head and at this moment she is indistinguishable from the most ordinary domestic cat.

The young man added that no manifestation of aggression should be expected from Sirga, she is incredibly calm and has never been dangerous.

And they met in 2012, when Sirga had just been born, and her mother abandoned her at birth, and only she survived in the whole litter. Valentine brought her to the Botswana reserve and so began their great friendship.

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