A store opens its doors to stray dogs to cool off on a hot day


On a hot, scorching day, a man witnessed an act of love in its purest form.

A man named Adolfo Pazzi Ahumada went to a local shop to buy milk when he saw this scene.

The store employee watered and fed a stray dog. Then he saw that they had let the dog in.

He has been there for a few days. They suspected that it must have been abandoned by its owner. He came to ask them for help.

They could only provide him with food, water and a few toys from the store, which they paid for with their own money.

But these are not all the good deeds that traders have consulted.

They let it in because the outside temperature was really hellish. It was very hot there and they felt really sorry, but in the store he looked happier because they felt good.

Stray animals often struggle, but he is lucky to have found people caring enough to intervene and help.

The owners of the store hope that the buyer will accept it one day.

They felt bad about what the dogs had experienced. He helped him in everything and now he is happy. Now he is getting the love he really deserves.

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