10 Reasons to Get a German Shepherd


German Shepherds are amazing dogs and admired by their owners for many reasons. They are also very popular. In fact, year after year, they rank at the top of the AKC’s annual list of most popular breeds.

They are beautiful dogs and are very recognizable. Whether working alongside a law enforcement officer or chasing a ball on the beach, their gorgeous appearance should not be confused with another breed.

If you own a German Shepherd, you own dog jewelry. They are very bonded to their owners. Having a relationship with one has to be experienced to be appreciated. They are the most special dogs on earth.

If you need more convincing on just how good these dogs are and why you might want one, here are 10 reasons to get a German Shepherd:

1. You’ll sleep better at night

German Shepherds live to watch over their owners. While you are dreaming blissfully, their large pointed ears are attentive to everything that is happening in their house and yard. If someone or something enters your property, it will alert you with a loud bark to defend its home front.

2. You will feel safer on walks

German Shepherds are very active and protective. They make excellent walking companions. Not only do they love getting outdoors with you, but they love nothing more than a good workout. With proper socialization to make them comfortable around strangers and new situations, you’d be hard-pressed to find a nicer dog to take for a walk.

3. They help you make friends

Although they are known to be aloof and aloof with strangers, socialized German Shepherds love people too. When you own a German Shepherd, it’s like being in a special club that everyone wants to be a part of, even for a few minutes. People will want to talk to you because they admire your dog, you’ll meet other German Shepherd owners, and you can easily connect with other fans of the breed on social media or at clubs.

4. You’ll never be bored again

German Shepherds are a working breed that needs to be kept busy. They were bred to herd and herd livestock, so lazing about is not in their nature. If you ever see a Couch Potato Shepherd, it’s probably a senior well into its golden years or has already been running around its owner all day. If you want to stay active and want a companion to kill time with, a German Shepherd is perfect.

5. You will never be alone

German Shepherds develop super strong bonds with their owners. They love nothing more than being by your side, following you wherever you go. In fact, if you don’t like sharing your personal space with a furry four legger, or your bed, your sofa, the bathroom, you shouldn’t have a German Shepherd. But if you want a constant companion, there is no more loyal dog.

6. Great Adventure Buddies

If you like to go on adventures, take road trips or visit new places, the German Shepherd is your dog. They love nothing more than sniffing around and exploring new places. Since they are so easy to train and confident, they are perfect companions for exploring beaches, parks, hiking, or staying in a fancy hotel.

7. Great Family Dogs

German Shepherds are great family dogs. When socialized from a young age, they are great with children and can usually be trained to get along with other pets. They like to be the center of attention. They make excellent best friends, playmates and guardians for children and the home.

8. Easy to train

Known for being highly intelligent, German Shepherds are easy to train and love a challenge. Training from a puppy hood is important for these strong-willed dogs, but because they love to work, they love to learn and please their owners. What owners can teach their shepherds is usually limited only by the investment made.

9. You will become an ambassador for the breed

People unfamiliar with German Shepherds are sometimes intimidated by their size, appearance, and even behavior. Little do they know that behind those watchful eyes and alert expression hides a dog with a heart of gold. With training and socialization, you can raise a German Shepherd that is an excellent representation of what a German Shepherd was born to be: well-rounded, confident, not overprotective, athletic, and polite in public.

10. Love and Loyalty

German Shepherds are one of the most loving and loyal breeds on the planet. They live their lives in devotion to their family. They will do anything, go anywhere, and protect you from anything, even risking their life for yours. Their devotion knows no bounds and their love is unconditional. They deserve to be rewarded for such selfless steadfastness with lots of love in return, respect for their breed, and a willingness to include them in your life.

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