A man threw himself into the icy water to save an unhappy dog


Suddenly, he heard a pitiful howl, then the lapping of the water and the screams of excitement of the people. It was obvious that something unpleasant had happened.

He did not hesitate and rushed to the place where the dog was screaming for help. He saw the next scene. There were a few people standing on the beach. They had watched anxiously what was happening on the thin ice. One of the dogs had decided to cross the frozen river and fell into the water.

The unfortunate dog found himself in the water again, made another attempt to get out, but again, he sank into the water. People also didn’t notice how the boy quickly got rid of his clothes and bravely entered the icy water.

The crowd froze holding their breath. Not only was the life of a dog at stake, but also that of a man.

The man, breaking the fragile ice, began to head to the place where the dog was fighting for his life. It was obvious that the guy was no longer able to reach the bottom. The man swam.

This is not easy to do in ice water. And not everyone dares to do it. Under the affirmative movements of the guy, the ice broke, freeing the way. People were waiting. And time stood still. A few more pushes and the boy was near the dog.

But the two couldn’t date. The dog was already clearly weakened. The man arrived almost at the last moment.

He supported the dog for a few seconds, then pushed it to the shore, along the same corridor it had just made in the ice. It appeared on the hard surface. It remained to wait for the man to be safe too.

The people, delighted with this noble act, never ceased to thank Paul. And he, somewhat embarrassed by this attention, quickly put on his sweater and jeans. The redhead remained clinging to her saved friend, happily waging her tail, not knowing how to thank people, and especially this man who did not cross her, but saved her comrade.

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