There were five passengers stranded on the burning ship: the stroll of the 2 dogs and their 3 owners turned into a rescue


Two dogs and their three owners lived on a 21-metre boat, called Marlowe, which rode year-round along the Atlantic coast according to the tides.

It was an ordinary day, when Arthur and Diane Watson, Jarod Tabus and their two dogs headed to the Rice Field at Wentworth Marina. But at 4 p.m., passengers noticed smoke on the ship’s deck.

«According to the crew, for a few minutes, the boat was full of dense smoke,» said a U.S. Coast Guard spokesman who rushed to the smoky boat.

But soon the smoke turned into a flame and it was impossible to extinguish it or turn the ship towards the coast because it drifted towards the Maine border.

A spokesman for the rice field’s coast guard said all their efforts to save the boat failed because it was swept away by the ebb and flow of the tide.

All five passengers on the boat had to jump into the water.

Fortunately, men and dogs knew how to swim. The good Samaritans went to the rescue of the victims, rushing to the scene of the incident and rescued the dogs. They took them to Marina’s veterinary clinic.

The men and the woman were also taken to the hospital because they had sucked in a lot of smoke. After a short time everyone was fine and the family got together. They had lost their boat with all their belongings, but fortunately they were safe and sound.

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