This little dog looked sadly at every passerby


This homeless dog lived very well in the summer, but in the fall his condition worsened. He needed a dry and warm place to survive the cold days, but all this was difficult in this area.

People have changed over time. In the summer, people were in a better mood, they gave him food, but now they didn’t even pay attention to him anymore.

The dog wagging his tail with all his strength and looked the passers-by in the eyes, but no one even gave him a piece of bread. He lay desperately under the bench to avoid getting wet by the rain.

One day, a boy came to sit on this bench and started talking on the phone, but thinking that the dog would get angry with him, he decided to get out from under the bench. Finally, the boy noticed the name and was very sad, he even felt like crying.

The dog realized that this man would not hurt him, and instead of running away, he began to pet him. He then took the dog in his car.

The dog was getting into a car for the first time and trying to be careful not to hurt anything. He had no idea that it was the last day of his wandering life.

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