The girl who had complexes because of her skin color, became a popular model


If you want to become a model, know that the criteria alone are not enough. Designers are really looking for someone with an interesting appearance.

Nyakim Gatvech was like that. He was distinguished not only by the structure of his body, but also by the color of his dark skin.

Everyone was impressed by this girl. Many call her Queen of Darkness.

He has learned all the comments that are addressed to him and he loves himself like that. He no longer pays attention to anyone’s opinion and no longer seeks to prove anything.

He is now admired by millions of people, and when he was born in Ethiopia at a young age, he had a difficult childhood, saw war and lived in a refugee camp.

At some point in his life, he was overwhelmed by the insults already directed against him and decided to be cleared. But fortunately, his sister prevented him from doing so. And only after that, he began to love himself as he is.

Now this beautiful model attracts everyone’s attention and is quite famous.

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