A deaf child is overwhelmed with emotion when he hears his mother say «I love you» for the first time


Baby Charlie was born deeply deaf, but her reaction when she heard her mother’s voice for the first time melted hearts around the world.

Christy Keene recently uploaded a YouTube video of her daughter hearing her voice for the first time since she received a hearing aid.

In the video, Christy greets her daughter several times. Immediately, Charlie had a charming smirk. However, when Christy repeats the greeting, her daughter is suddenly overwhelmed with emotion.

She had never seen this face before. The rumor revealed a whole new range of facial expressions in Charlie. Very quickly, the moment becomes charged with emotion.

We can really hear the emotion in her voice as she speaks and Charlie seems to be very emotional, brimming with happiness from this new sensation.

Christie continues to talk, telling Charlie that she loves him, becomes more helpful and smiles again.

At one point, Charlie has one of the cutest smiles you’ll ever see on a child.

The Instagram account even posted the same video from a different angle. In this caption, Christy explained that they doubted Charlie would hear at all, even with the implants, which made the moment all the more exciting.

Some of the comments on the original Instagram post are really touching. The video Charlie first heard brought back memories for Chris.

After Charlie’s video went viral for the first time, Christie posted this photo with a caption explaining everything.

In the caption, she explains that Charlie was born completely deaf and they didn’t know why, because there was no hearing loss in the family’s history. She eventually received hearing aids.

Legend also indicates that Christie and her husband are working on American Sign Language and will be looking for cochlear implants for Charlie when she is old enough.

They are grateful for their support system and know that Charlie will feel «loved, worthy and completely normal!»

Click on the video below to see the touching moment with your own eyes! If it was interesting, share it with your friends and family!

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