Mother Leo risks her life to save her baby


The man photographing wildlife witnessed an incident when a lion rescued his child. The baby lion fell off a cliff but did not touch the ground.

The baby was scared and screamed, and the mother lion went with two more lions to save her baby, but she was also very afraid that the baby would cry.

The lions wanted to get off the cliff, but they realized that they too could fall, so they didn’t take the risk.

But while her little one continued to cry out in terror, it was the lioness who began to try to reach her little one again. Slowly and very painfully, she used her powerful claws to cling to the crumbling side of the cliff as she slowly descended.

A mistake on her part, and she and her child could end up at the bottom of the cliff. When her exhausted child seems about to fall, the woman grabs him and grabs him with her powerful jaws.

Then she begins a dangerous ascent to the top. It seemed that it lasted for hours, but it lasted only a few minutes, the lioness reached the top, putting the lion cub safely in the eye socket.

Then she gently lowers him and licks the top of his head with her tongue.

Everything ends well thanks to the love of the mother, who risked the life of a lion to keep her baby alive. Maternal love is the most powerful thing in the world, it is above all.

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